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My Children

My children are very smart,
Both of them have a great big heart.
They both are growing up each and every day,
In their own unique and special way.
Both of my children are filled with joy,
I love them dearly both my girl and boy.
When I am sad and have a bad day,
Both of my children know how to make my hurt go away.
I love my children more than words could ever say,
I am very greatful that they are alive each and every day.
They mean more to me than anyone will ever know,
When the children are not around me the days seem to go by so slow.
Everyday brings a brand new start,
After all my children are my heart.
I thank God each and every day,
That he sent two beautiful angels my way.

© Bertha C. Blankenship


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I watched Glee TV series in a cable channel a week ago. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that airs on Fox. They featured an acoustic version of Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” in the eleventh Glee episode which is Hairography.  It was sung by Quinn (Diana Agron) accompanied Puck (Mark Salling), who played the guitar. I enjoyed that part of the Glee TV series.

Actually the song and that part of the Glee TV series reminded me of the time I was having a baby. I was in big trouble since I have not finished college yet and this baby was unexpected. I could not tell anyone in the school campus. And the two people that only knew about my situation were my boyfriend and a close friend of mine.

I was also having a hard time telling my mom that I was pregnant. I was afraid that she would disown me. But she made me confessed in the end. Even though she was so disappointed of what happened to me, she still cared about the baby. She told me to take care of myself as well as the baby.

So, if you happened to watch that part of the Glee episode, and if you are into a mess of having a baby, then you can relate to the story.

Jason Ivler –the fugitive

2 days ago I keep on hearing the name Ivler on the news. I was not totally aware of what was happening. All I know is that the law is after him. My curiosity made me follow the news to understand more. He was the prime suspect of killing Renato Ebarle Jr., son of the Malacañang official –Presidential Chief of Staff Undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr. last November 18, 2009 during a traffic dispute at the corner of Santolan Road and Ortigas Avenue.

He was arrested by the NBI inside his home at #23 Hillside Avenue, Blue Ridge Subdivision past 7 a.m. on January 18, 2010. He sustained four gunshot wounds in the stomach, chest, shoulder, and leg. He was brought to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center for treatment. During the shootout two NBI agents were also wounded in the gun fight namely Anna Labao and Antolino Magno. His mother, Marlene Aguilar-Pollard was also arrested but already bailed out. She is facing charges of obstruction of justice, providing refuge to a criminal and coddling.

He seems to have everything—the good looks and the artistic quality there’s no doubt to that. Little do we know that this guy had entered Philippine show business and was once co-starred in the 2nd batch of TGIS—FYI the popular TV series where Polo Ravales, Dingdong Dantes as his fellow actors.

Talent in music runs through his veins. Ivler is the nephew of the folk-singer/ songwriter Freddie Aguilar. In fact, during his arrest a music album was found in his room entitled “JsIn in the Philippines”. I’ve heard sample of his rapping on TV Patrol World and some in YouTube yet. His songs portrayed violence and have a lot of cursing words in it. He’s like Eminem only the Pinoy version for me, I guess.

Indeed, he turned out to be popular nowadays, in a negative way. If it was not from the killing he got involved with, his life would have not been very interesting. There some are people who pity or criticize him of how he was raised by his parents or there are assumptions that he is mentally ill. Well whatever that is he still cannot escape from the crime he has committed.  The family of the victim deserves justice after all.

By: Sherwin V. Centeno

Have you ever been to a stand up bar before? Here in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines where I lived, have one but had been closed because nobody is so fond of going there and hearing those comedy acts they perform. In some places all over the world are very much hooked in stand-up comedies and seems enjoying stuff that makes them laugh. Oh, those comedians, they sure know what they’re doing to make you laugh. It helps you forget stress in work, at home, and elsewhere.
The comedy bar is simple, a stage where the performer will perform and couches where the audience would sit there comfortably drinking and eating and laughing their heart out of the jokes that the performer would say. Most of them do green jokes to make everyone laugh and some would sing and impersonate important people you might know of. Most performers here in the Philippines are gays because they are the one who most likely has the guts to do these things and has the talent of performing. It’s very hard to make a big crowd laugh. Little joke in a conversation in a small group would be fine. Inserting little green jokes during talks would simply keep a lively conversation. On a bigger crowd and on stage, oh boy, it would take a talent to fulfil that.

A friend of mine came across Pablo Francisco at; a Hispanic- American who was born in Tucson, Arizona. Who grew up of Chilean origin performs live on stage as a stand-up comedian ( He loves to talk about “green stuff” (you know what I mean). He surely is good at it. He is been performing for quite a while now and has a lot of fans. He can do beat box, change his voice to a woman and a man in an instant and acts along with it. Oh yes, he is really good.
How about you, do you have the talent like this?


Who rocked the most?

wonder girls


Recently, there has been a battle between the two hottest Korean girl bands namely, 2NE1 and the Wonder Girls. I was kind of addicted in listening to these Korean dance beats which pushed me to write something about them. I have seen their music videos (Fire and Nobody) and I liked them both. I asked some friends of mine who among of the two is the best performer. Some preferred 2NE1 because they are more energetic and have good vocals. Some liked Wonder Girls because they are cute and hot (which I agree).

How about you who among them suits your taste?

That thing called TAGGED

You might be confused why this article seemed to have a different author. Well, yes it is. He wrote this blog for me and he asked me to post this on my blog. Here it goes:

By: Sherwin Centeno

Are you familiar about TAGGED? Have you joined TAGGED? Well for those who have not joined or not familiar with TAGGED, it is a website of finding and hooking with old and new friends. It is like Friendster, Facebook, or Multiply. I have been a member of TAGGED for quite a while now and was quite hooked in because of different and interesting people you get to know and might meet.

Well honestly speaking, I have known and met some of them. It started when I sent messages to them that I am interested to know them. One of them who I was so interested because of her charm and beauty responded and gave me her number. I started to call her and talked over the phone more than an hour. I was uneasy unless I get to see her personally. She agreed to see me and right there and then she had swept me off my feet.

We talked for hours and felt comfortable with each other. The talked was to know each other and then I found out she was married but separated and has 2 great and loving kids. I was hesitant then but she really swept me off my feet. The next day I ask her if I could visit her again and she agreed. Oh we really love each others company, it is like a chemistry of two compound elements when mix it gives a great pair.

As time went by, a constant visit and a few dates I felt love. A feeling lost more than five years. I know that she also has the same feeling for me but the problem was she was still married and a lot might turn against our relationship.

Two weeks, we ended this and said our goodbyes for we both know it is the best for us. I still love her and have a place in my heart and will stay as a true and trusted friend to her for ever.

And this is all because of “That thing called TAGGED.”

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